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Carmen Aguilera - Licenciada en Historia del Arte
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Bienvenidos a mi página web:

Carmen Aguilera

This example text will help you get started with your online Joomla project. By following these instructions you will have your website ready for the public with just few mouse clicks.

Please read through the below steps to understand how to manage your New Joomla Website.


Changing your page title "Home Page"

You can easily change the title of the page from Home Page to a chosen one using the Joomla administrator area->Menus->Main Menu->Home->Parameters (System)->Page Title.

Changing your page Header "How to Edit the Front Page"

The How to Edit the Front Page header can be altered from the Joomla administrator area->Content->Article Manager->How to Edit the Front Page->Title.


Changing your Site Navigation "Home, Services, Products..."

The Main Menu items names can be edited from the Joomla administrator area->Menus->Main Menu. There you should click on the name of the item which you want to edit and enter the new Title.


Changing This Page Content

You can edit the text of this article from the Joomla administrator area->Content->Article Manager->How to Edit the Front Page.


Changing Page Labels "Author Name, Created Date and Time..."

If you need to disable the labels regarding the article author and the dates associated with the original post and the update, navigate to the Joomla administrator area->Menus->Main Menu->Home->Parameters (Component). There you will find the following drop-down menus which will allow you to disable the above options: Author Name, Created Date and Time, Modified Date and Time. The PDF, Print and E-mail icons can be disabled from the same area. The corresponding drop-down menus are: PDF Icon, Print Icon, E-mail Icon.

Detailed instructions on how to use the Joomla 1.5 script can be found in our comprehensive Joomla 1.5 tutorial.

Additionally, you might find useful the Joomla 1.5 related section in our Knowledge Base. There you will find some useful articles on how to enable SEF in Joomla 1.5, how to install and change Joomla 1.5 templates, how to install components, modules and plugins and many more.

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